Vision & Ethos

As a group of practitioners, we have developed our educational thinking over many years and we have established a clear perspective on early education and care. We believe that engagement with nature and time outdoors is very important for children’s physical and mental health. We also place a strong emphasis on social and emotional development. We want children to be able to make friends, understand and talk about feelings, learn about respect, develop independence and ultimately feel good about themselves.

Our nurseries are different in many ways, but we all adhere to the Bows and Arrows outstanding standards, so by selecting any Nursery within our Group, you can rest assured you are making a good choice and you can expect to see:

  1. Highly stimulating, welcoming, caring and enabling Nursery room environments
  2. A Fantastic range of rich, challenging, and inviting activities
  3. Highly qualified, experienced and passionate staff team
  4. Forest school learning and emphasis on outdoor play
  5. Focus on children’s individual needs
  6. Strong and Trusting relationships between parents/ carers and staff.