Sessions, Fees & Funding


We know that busy families need some flexibility.

By ‘mixing & matching’ from our Sessions, you can book between 4 and 10 hours of care per day to best match your needs:

Early:                                 8.00am –9.00am (1 hour)

Morning:                         9.00am – 1.00pm (4hours)

Afternoon:                     1.00pm – 5.00pm (4hours)

Late:                                   5.00pm –6.00pm (1 hour)

You can also choose to come to nursery

a)     All Year Round (50 weeks)

b)    Traditional Term Time (38 weeks Sept-July, to match 15 & 30 hour government funding) or

c)     ‘Stretch’ Term Time (over 46 weeks, where your 15 or 30 hours is spread over much more of our year)

We close for a week at Christmas and a week in July/August. We also close for 3 Professional Training days for our Educators and on Bank Holidays (but unlike some nurseries, we won’t charge any fees during these closures).

Because things change, just give us 4 weeks’ notice in writing to change Sessions (subject to availability).

Term Dates PDF


As a not-for-profit organisation, Bows & Arrows work hard to balance outstanding care with affordability. All sessions in each age group have a simple hourly rate – whichever day or session you choose. Working out your childcare costs really shouldn’t be complicated! If your Funding doesn’t cover all the hours you need, we just invoice you Fees for the extra.

Babies (under2y):          £5.75 per hour Toddlers

(2-3y):               £5.50 per hour Preschool

(3y+):               £5.35 per hour


Using your child’s ‘Universal’ or ‘Extended’ funding with Bows & Arrows nurseries is simple. If we have availability, you can use funding for any session. We don’t

limit the funded spaces we make available.

To secure your childcare funding each term, by the deadlines we advise you need to

1.     Complete a Suffolk County Council ‘Parent Authorisation Form’ in advance of the term (a ‘PAF’), and update it promptly when we ask you, termly.

2.     Sign the personalised ‘Stretch Agreement’ we’ll give you if you’re using your funding across 46 weeks.

3.     Have proven your entitlement to funding:

o  3-4 year olds: access the ‘universal’ 15-hours term time care from the term after your child turns 3. 

Please provide birth evidence such as Birth Certificate, or Passport.

o  3-4 year olds: access an additional 15-hours term time care by providing a childcare code from Apply for 30 hours free childcare -GOV.UK (

o  2 year olds: a ‘Golden Ticket’ from Suffolk County Council or other appropriate proof for 15 hours term-time care (see: Help paying for childcare: Free

education and childcare for 2-year-olds – GOV.UK (

If we do not receive these by the deadline, we can’t process them in time for Suffolk County Council to confirm your funding. 

In that event, you can keep your nursery place, but you will have to pay Fees.

This video shows you how to complete Suffolk County Council’s Parent Authorisation Form.  We encourage you to telephone

or arrange a Zoom meeting with a Nursery Support Assistant if you need help with this key document.

Here is the Parent Authorisation Form for completion to enable us to claim your child’s funding. PAF Form

For up to date, reliable advice on government funding for your 2 or 3-4 year old we recommend  You can also talk to our Nursery Support

team on 01473 599038.

Terms & Conditions:

Our detailed terms and conditions can be found within our Registration Form and Parent Contract