Our staff

Don’t just take our word for it on why we think we’re great employers – read on for profile details from members of staff:

 Clair Hallums: Manager of Buttons and Bows Nursery

Clair joined the Group in November 2012, as a Nursery Assistant in the Toddler room at Buttons and Bows after being in the sector for 10 years. She was then promoted to Room Senior in March 2014. In October 2016, Clair was promoted to Manager of the Nursery.

During her time within the Nursery, Clair was encouraged and supported by her manager to complete her Level 5 in Early Years.

Comment from Clair: ‘I love working for the Bows and Arrows Group, as have always strongly agreed with their ethos. I also love that there is the potential to grow and enhance my career.’

Lauren Shave: Senior Nursery Practioner at The Nature Den Nursery

With a degree in Early Years, Lauren joined the Bows and Arrows Group in 2016, bringing with her a wealth of experience. Initially starting out as Senior at our Children’s Triangle Nursery, she recently moved across to our newest Nursery to be a Senior for 2 -3 year olds at The Nature Den.

Comment from Lauren: ‘I really enjoy working for Bows and Arrows Group and think we are quite unique with some of our approaches such as use of natural resources, forest schooling, commitment to encouraging independence and free flow snack time. As an employee I feel there are lots of benefits working for a Nursery Group, in particular sharing ideas and practice with our other settings and access to numerous training courses. ‘

Georgie Magill : Early Years Educator at Wig Wams

Georgie has been with the Group for 6 years. She first joined the group as an Apprentice undertaking her level 3 at our Buttons and Bows Nursery. For the last 3 years, she has been employed as Early Years Educator in the baby room at our WigWams Nursery whilst also undertaking a Foundation Degree in Early Years Practice.

Comment from Georgie: ‘Bows and Arrows have been really flexible over my study arrangements enabling me to get the best of two worlds: studying and spending time with the children which I love.  Currently I do one day a week at Uni and work the other 4 days. By working for a charity Nursery Group, I really feel the children are key and we have really strong parent partnerships which is so important.’